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Tianjin Gaoneng Valve Co., Ltd. is a provider mainly manufacturing Industrial Valves. Including Butterfly Valve, Ball Valve, Gate Valve, Check Valve, Plug Valve, Automatic Control Valve, Solenoid Valve etc. The size ranges from DN15 to DN3800mm. The pressure ranges from 0.1MPa ¨C 3.2MPa. We have more than 20 years experience of designning, manufacturing, management and service in valve products. For domestic waterworks, sewage farms , power plants, chemical plants, gas companies, Heating Companies, oil fields, oil refining companies, buildings etc. we are the most attractive valve products supplier for you to cooperate with. Our company had manufactured a kind of Hard Seal Butterfly Valve and Teflon Seal Butterfly Valve which were concentrated the strongpoints of all kind of the other type of the butterfly valve at present. It has the unique configuration, turn on and ture off quickly, reliable Sealing performance, broad range of suitable temperature, working life more than 3 times than others . This kind of Hard Seal Butterfly Valve be published had solve the difficult problem of heat barrier and cold wave of Teflon Seal Buffterfly Valve thoroughly when pressurizing. Both of these butterfly valve products had passed the inspection appraisal by the Province Government and National Patent Application.

Our company had been managed according to ISO9001 Quality Management System strictly. We have gained ISO9001 Quality Management System certification by DNV in December of 2000 year. And improve continuously, also we gained ISO9001 2000 Quality Management System certification regenerative edition in December of 2002. In order to further strengthen quality management into the international market and Meet the WTO challenges. We are ongoing efforts for pass continuously through the API certification and CE certification. Our company has gained the Certification of People's Republic of China Import and Export Enterprise Qualification, National Business Certificate of Exemption, China Construction Metal Structure Association, The Water Supply and Drainage Branch Certification, State Power Corporation Supply Network Accessories Certification, China Petroleum Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. Supply-side Credentials of Qualification, National Torch Project Certification and as class AAA credit ratings company by the Bank in many years .

We will always focus on the ever-changing urban construction, water, energy, electricity, construction, petrochemical, and other areas to develop continuously innovation, At present, our company decided to invest 15 billion RMB into funds during the technology to ensure world-class ranks, determined to continue to develop high and new, difficult, special valve products, the world's new trend synchronized to high-energy into China's largest Research and Development and manufacture of valve production base.

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Welcome on behalf of the Company to set up offices throughout the country, as well as individuals to join the sales network, such as those who are interested, please call contact person.

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ADD:Danjiang Road Tianjin Tanggu marine hi tech Development Zone No. 1068
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