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The valve is in fluid systems, the device used to control the flow direction, pressure and flow is the piping and equipment within the medium (liquid, gas, powder) or stop the flow and is able to control the flow of the device.
Valve is the pipeline fluid transport system control components, it is used to change the passage section and the medium flow direction, with diversion, cut off, throttle, check back, diversion or overflow discharge pressure and other functions. For fluid control valves, valve from the simple to the very complex automatic control system used in a variety of valves, its many varieties and specifications, the nominal valve through size from large to small instrument valve diameter up to 10m of industrial pipeline valves. Can be used for the control of water, steam, oil, gas, mud and corrosion medium, metals and radioactive liquid fluid types of fluid flow, the working pressure of the valve can be from 1000 MPa to 0.0013MPa ultra high pressure and temperature from 270 DEG C of the ultra low temperature to 1430 DEG C high temperature.
The valve can be controlled by a variety of modes of transmission, such as manual, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, turbine, pneumatic solenoid, solenoid hydraulic, electric hydraulic, pneumatic and hydraulic, spur gear, bevel gear drive, under pressure, temperature or other forms of sensor signal, according to the requirements of the scheduled action, or does not rely on the sensing signal and a simple open or closed valve to rely on drive or automatic mechanism to open and close parts for lifting, slip swing or rotary motion, thus changing the area of the channel size in order to achieve its control function.
Wash step
Parts of the valve must be processed by the following processes before assembling:
1, according to the processing requirements, some parts need to do polishing, the surface can not have machining burr, etc.;
2, all parts for the skim treatment;
3, after completion of degreasing pickling and passivation, cleaning agent without phosphorus;
4. Rinse with pure water after purification, and can not be left with the chemical residue, carbon steel parts omitted this step;
5, parts one by one by non-woven fabric to dry, can not be wired the hair retained on the surface of the parts, or with clean nitrogen dry;
6, with non-woven or precision filter paper stained with pure alcohol on one part and part of the wipe, until no dirty color.
Assembly requirements
Clean parts must be sealed for installation.. The installation process is as follows:
1, the installation of the workshop to ensure clean, or build a temporary clean area, such as new purchase color cloth or plastic film to prevent in the installation process of dust entering.
2, the assembly workers must wear clean cotton overalls, wearing a cotton cap, hair can not leak, wearing a clean shoes, wearing plastic gloves, skim.
3, the assembly tool must be pre assembly for the cleaning of the skim, ensure clean.
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