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Shanghai first boiler plant
(1) truncated class: such as gate valve, globe valve, plug valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, needle valve, diaphragm valve, etc.. Cut off valve and also known as the valve closed valve, its role is to connect or disconnect the media in the pipeline.
Check valve, check valve, also known as a one-way valve or non-return valve, check valve is an automatic valve, and its role is to prevent the backflow pipeline in the medium and to prevent the pump and drive motor is reversed, and the container medium leakage. Pump water off the bottom valve check valve also belongs to class.
Explosion proof valve, accident valve, etc., the role of the valve is to prevent the pipeline or device in the medium pressure exceeds the value, so as to achieve the purpose of safety protection.
Control valve, throttle valve and valve, its role is to adjust the media pressure, flow and other parameters.
(2) vacuum type: vacuum ball valve, vacuum damper valve, vacuum pneumatic valve, pneumatic valve, etc.. Its role is in the vacuum system, used to change the direction of gas flow, the size of the gas flow, cut off or connected to the vacuum system components called vacuum valve.
(3) special use: such as pigging valve, vent valve, drain valve, exhaust valve, filter etc.. Exhaust valve is the essential auxiliary element in the piping system, widely used in boiler, air conditioning, oil gas, water supply and drainage pipeline. Often installed in the commanding height or elbow, etc., to remove excess gas pipeline, improve the use of pipe roads and reduce energy consumption.
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